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About Us

Address Guru is an online business directory where businesses of every category are listed and promoted. Address guru helps in getting locals as well as big businesses have an online presence and reach among the online audience. This is done through online posting of Ads on our website.

Address Guru makes sure you get the right and correct business information on our platform.

Maintaining authenticity between the sellers and buyers on our platform.

On Address Guru, sellers can advertise their business with banner ads and listing their businesses.

Addressguru is a bridge between the buyers looking for sellers and manufacturers of a product and addressguru helps them discover their preferred business easily in their area. For sellers, addressguru is providing a platform to display their business and get themselves in the eyes of the perspective buyers and get new clients and customers on board. This ultimately helps the businesses in their growth and popularity in both online and offline world.

With Address Guru, both buyers and sellers can easily interact with each other and do business. Address guru verifies the buyers and aims at listing only the correct information.

Address Guru's mission

We aim at providing a single platform to all the sellers and buyers to discover and connect and conduct business easily and safely.

Corporation background

  1. The company commenced in 2019 offering local business directories and then reaching out at country level and then to international level.
  2. The official addressguru website was launched in 2018.
  3. Address Guru Search services provide a bridge to the businesses and its prospective buyers to discover and connect. It provides many opportunities to the businesses to market their business effectively.

Key Highlights of Address Guru

  1. International presence - Address guru has an international presence from India to .
  2. Large community of users - Address Guru is having a very large user base of sellers.
  3. Local business reach - With specific reach for the local business we help the users to search for their relevant products easily in their local area.

Infringement Policy

All the trademark, logos, service names and other marks are property of address guru and the vendors.

Address Guru uses the marks and information of the vendors for the distribution of information. Address guru have no intention to falsely claim any property owned by the vendors.

The infringement policy of Address Guru states that all the property provided on the website are owned by the vendors and users providing information on the website which comply to the Address Guru rules of posting.

If you find any information is violating any intellectual property, then you can report the infringement at contact@addressguru.sg

How to report listing infringement.

You infringement email should include these things :

  1. Identification of the infringed property
  2. Description of the information or material that has been infringed
  3. Your address, contact number and email
  4. A written statement confirming that the information provided by you is correct and you hold the utmost right to the property and act as the rightful owner of the property.
  5. Brand name (in case of Trademark infringement)
  6. Details of the property infringed
  7. Documents for legal proceedings against the party infringing the property.